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It’s peak winter and our skin has taken a hit from both the extremes in indoor/outdoor temperatures and party season. BUT – before you run for more actives, let's ensure that our barriers aren't stripped or compromised first. 

Which leads us directly to our latest Product of the Week – Selfless By Hyram’s Daily Barrier Support Moisturiser, a nourishing and lightweight barrier support moisturiser for daily hydration and healthy looking skin. 

It is a combination​ of barrier strengthening Niacinamide (clinically proven to significantly reduce excess oil on the skin, giving rise to a reduction in breakouts when combined with moisturisers to support a stronger and healthier skin barrier), and bioactive, skin-soothing Maracujá (clinically tested to significantly reduce Trans Epidermal Water Loss on inflamed or breakout skin to support reinforcing the skin barrier), plus a host of hydrating extras which help to support skin health and even skin tone, soothe irritation, and hydrate​.

The texture is a unique gel cream that sinks into the skin and leaves a silky finish without silicone.​

Discover more about what makes it so good here...

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