Created by a hospital dermatologist in France in 1950, the now renowned Lait-Crème Concentré has progressed and developed into a whole range of Embryolisse skin care loved by dermatologists, chemists, makeup professionals and individuals worldwide.

Embryolisse’s formulas prioritise natural ingredients extracted from flowers and fruits with recognised virtues and a long tradition of medicinal or cosmetic use such as shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera and soy, combined with dermatological active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Providing skin with only essential nutrients, moisture and the right active ingredients in the right quantities to be in full health, the skin is not over-sensitised. Containing no unnecessary ingredients, Embryolisse products are highly tolerable and suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin.

Embryolisse nourishes and moisturises to improve the skin and enhance its radiance.