Saint Iris Adriatica

Love the feeling of being relaxed, energised and powerfully alive? In the Adriatic, this blissful state is called fjaka and it is the soul of Saint Iris Adriatica.

Created for time-stressed people with a passion for skin wellness, Saint Iris is naturally active skincare designed to deliver fjaka on tap and is inspired by the abundant plants, remedies and sea spas of the sun-drenched Adriatic. Powered by these dynamic active ingredients, the sensual formulas have a transformative effect on skin's ecosystem, body and mind.

Saint Iris takes the most potent, clinically proven, natural and biotech ingredients inspired by the traditional folk remedies that their founder Sanela grew up with, to power formulas that strengthen face, body and mind against city stress.

Each product boasts energising natural formulas with blissful textures and an uplifting, natural scent which helps de-stress body and mind, leaving skin smoother, brighter and radiant with wellbeing.

All products are 100% natural with 100% sustainable and clinically proven ingredients, have a 100% natural fragrance, are free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates and propylene glycol and are cruelty-free.