ALISO Face Sculpting Beauty Tool

The Face Sculpting Beauty Tool is a facial massager that uses sonic technology designed to stimulate blood flow leaving the skin refreshed, invigorated, and revitalised.

This dynamic tool provides a gentle yet effective workout for the face muscles, helps lymphatic drainage and leaves skin glowing.

For best results, use the tool with an oil or serum as the tool will also help the skin absorb the product more effectively.

How To Use
To begin, switch the tool on by twisting the end to the left. To switch off, twist the end to the right.

Repeat the below up to 10 times per area.

Forehead - Using gentle strokes, move the T-bar upwards.

Cheeks - Begin just above the jaw, rolling under and over each cheekbone upwards towards the ear.

Lips - Place the tool over your top lip and and move it in an upward motion.

Jawline - Starting just underneath the chin, move the T-bar along the jawline up towards the ear.

Neck - Using smooth strokes, guide the T-bar in a downwards motion.

Clean the Face Sculpter using a slightly damp face cloth. Do not place in water.

Additional Information 
Requires one AA battery.