Blank Canvas F82 Large Duo Fibre Stipple Brush

Sleek Silver Ferrule with Black Handle.

The F82 is a multi-purpose face brush with flexible fibres for buffing or stippling product to the face for a flawless finish. This brush can be used with cream, liquid or powder products. 

Handmade from extra soft, high quality, anti-bacterial, easy to clean synthetic fibres, this brush is also vegan friendly.

Care for your Blank Canvas Brushes
Use a daily brush spray to wipe off excess product building up on your brush. Deep clean when product is beginning to build up using a brush soap or a shampoo.

Use only very small amounts (pea-sized) of product to wash your brush and rinse thoroughly. Avoid allowing water to run into the metal ferrule.

Remember, if you see product building up further than halfway down the brush head, it means your brush is being used incorrectly. Brushes that are saturated in product will not last.