INGLOT Kiss Catcher Lipsticks - 4g

INGLOT's new Kiss Catcher Lip Satin Lipsticks are stunning, delicate-to-deep, colour rich, satin finish Lipsticks.

The highly pigmented Lipsticks come in six complexion enhancing tones, have a non-drying and long-lasting formula and provide a smooth-satin, dreamy finish. 

Inglot Tip - Use as a Cream Blusher as well for the perfect dreamy finish.

Creamy Nude - The Ultimate Natural Nude Shade with a Subtle Pink-Coral Mauve Fusion Undertone.

Blush Wine - An Everyday Cool Toned, Rose Pink Nude Lipstick.

Dusty Pink - Deep Rich Nude with a Cool, Deep Mauve Undertone.

Peach Mousse - A Peachy Coral Tone, infused with hints of deep peach that will bring out the beauty in your skintone.

Tango Red - Stand out with this bold and devilish classic Blue Blood Red.

Berry Liqueur - Take a risk with this deep and devilish statement purple. A cool toned, full bodied purple.

Additional Information
Cruelty Free. Vegan Friendly.