SIGMA Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

Sigma's Spa Brush Cleaning Mat provides simple and effective removal of makeup residue, dirt, oil, bacteria, and build-up with seven exclusive and patented textures to swirl and wash away the grime and refine the bristles. 

The textures include WASH, RINSE, REFINE and REFINE PLUS for both face and eye brushes.

Brush lifespan is prolonged and the clean bristles provide improved makeup application.

Firm-hold suction cups secure the mat in any sink size and the mat is made of high-grade silicone without Latex, BPA, and Lead.

Pair with the SigMagic® Brush Shampoo for optimum results.

How To Use

  1. Position mat upright in sink and secure the suction cups.
  2. Wet brush under warm, running water.
  3. Apply 1-3 pumps of Brush Shampoo/Cleaner directly onto brush fibres or the mat WASH Texture section.
  4. Swirl brush on WASH texture, using Face textures for larger brushes and Eye textures for smaller brushes.
  5. Using warm water, sweep brush back and forth on RINSE texture to remove makeup and cleanser.
  6. Move brush up and down on REFINE texture to ensure all makeup is removed
  7. Swirl brush on REFINE PLUS texture for an added clean
    *Add more brush cleanser and repeat steps 1-5 as needed
  8. Gently squeeze brush bristles to remove excess water
  9. Store, dry and reshape brush.